Welcome to the exclusive online apparel store for West Kildonan Collegiate.  

KB2 Clothing is proud to be able to provide this no minimum apparel online store for West Kildonan Collegiate as we're proud Alumni of the Wolverines.

This online apparel store is based upon no minimums, everything is ordered, decorated as per your order being placed. 

We don't rush the process, we believe no minimum apparel, takes time and such we're on average 4 weeks from order to door. 

Each order in Winnipeg will be delivered to the school free of charge and an email will be sent to you advising it's on its way. 

At KB2 Clothing we take a lot of pride in being different, adding new logo's, using higher end garments and offering new technology in the decorating process we use.

We also believe that each item can be customized, they way you want it and this online apparel store will let you do that with most of our items as you wish. It's your School, your apparel, your way. 

 We thank you for shopping with us. 




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