From its humble beginnings at Northwood Community Club in 1969, the North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club, has grown dramatically and has provided a program for kids to play.

Our club has grown because of the involvement and enthusiasm of its members and their efforts.

The Nomads will continue to grow and provide the North End community kids a club that they can be proud of and a field to foster their dreams.

We've played there, we've been part of the programs and now we join together to give back to the football community, to give back to the Nomads of today and tomorrow 

The North Winnipeg Nomads has approved an Alumni Committee that's the main goal is to create an endowment fund, and each year provide mentorship and funding towards a scholarship(s) and also if funds permit to help with equipment, building maintenance, and athlete/coaching development. 

100% funds from this online apparel store by KB2 Clothing will be donated to the Nomads Alumni Endowment Fund. 

For details on the Alumni Committee and how to get involved/donate please contact the following Alumni:

Rob Berkowits: rberkowits@jewishfoundation.org

Don Van Achte: family5@mymts.net  

Jeffrey Bannon: jbannon57@gmail.com 


For all things North Winnipeg Nomads please stay in touch with them 

Website: https://nomadsfootball.com/index.php

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/northwpgnomads/

Twitter @nwnomads 

Instagram @nwnomads_football 



North Winnipeg Nomads Alumni