In January of 2015 a young woman, after a long fight with Depression took her own life. The young woman was 18-1/2 and our daughters best friend.

In the obituary, and again at the funeral, it was requested that in lieu of flowers, people make donations to the Manitoba Suicide line, which is run by Klinic. Having known this young woman since she was 4 years old, the standard token donation was not acceptable to us, so we started thinking of ways that we could raise more money.

After a couple of days, Kris came up with the idea of creating a patch. After discussing the design with several people, it was decided that a rectangle shape with the words “Lean On Me”, in Teal, with a black background and purple border around the edge. When we told a close friend about our plan, he offered to pay half the cost of getting the first run of patches made, and as a result has become the third partner in our endeavour.

Since we first released the patch in February 2015, we have also organized an annual Breaking The Silence motorcycle ride, which includes a 50/50 draw, and silent auction.

When planning began for the 2017 ride, we remembered that Jeff Bannon, a long-time friend, had his own clothing company. We approached him to have 3 shirts made for the 3 partners. During the discussion, Jeff suggested selling the T-Shirts through his website for us, with all profit coming back to us as a donation.

KB2 Clothing is proud to partner with Kris & Ruth Goodman in any way we can support their annual Breaking The Silence Ride with 100% off all apparel proceeds being donated.

For more information or to contact Kris or Ruth, you can find them on Facebook