We at KB2 Clothing believe what Deion Sanders said many years ago 'If you look good, you feel good, you play good.  If you play good they pay good" 

We'll take that and relay that to Coaching, as nothing says more than an Coaching Staff not in uniform. You don't look right, you look unorganized and unproffesional.  Afterall your atheltes all wear the same thing, then why don't Coaches?

So we've created this line, and it's just a start, if you would like something that we don't offer, please ask us, we'll inquire and do our best to get it for you. Just fire us an email at KB2Clothing@gmail.com 

The great thing about this concept is if you have Coaches that come in after the season has started or you replace as some move on, you don't need a full new line of Coaches Gear, you can replace as needed with no minimums ever! 

Nothing says a well defiend and dedicated Coaching Staff than one that looks uniformed. 

Thank you to all the Volunteer Coaches, as without you, there is no sport. 



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